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Facility Services

Because “up and running” is never optional.

Because “up and running” is never optional.

Our facility technicians at KLEEN are used as a first line of defense to identify and diagnose problems at our properties. Once a problem is identified a report is generated to advise of the issue and the recommended resolution. In many cases that require straightforward repairs, we can do the work with client approval. In cases that are more complex and require an outside contractor, we will advise the client and provide names of local vendors for consideration.

Our facility technicians find problem areas before they become a major issue, resulting in a timely repair and lower cost to our customers.

Our Facility Technicians are trained, certified and insured to properly and expertly complete the task at hand. We stand behind their workmanship, so if you ever have a concern, we are here to make it right.

Our facility services include:

  • Lighting Repairs

  • Minor Plumbing Repairs

  • Adjusting Entry Doors

  • Drywall Repairs

  • Painting

  • Roof Drain Cleaning

KLEEN Property Services is the exclusive maintenance company for our portfolio of California properties. They have earned our business through their quality work, customer service and partnership.

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