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Pressure Washing

At your service, wherever and whenever you need us.

At your service, wherever and whenever you need us.

KLEEN offers our customers commercial pressure washing services on a project specific or a scheduled service basis. We have mobile pressure washing units and accessories made by the industry leader Landa. Our pressure washing units are commercial grade that provide up to 4 gallons of water per minute and 3,500 PSI. Mobile units are also equipped with diesel hot water burners that generate up to 220 degree hot water on demand. These units are particularly effective for removing grease and food particulate waste from trash enclosures, walkways and more. Smaller units are available for more delicate work.

Our accessories include water fed poles that reach up to 30 feet high, walk behind pressure washing platforms that clean a 24 inch wide area with multiple rotating heads to efficiently clean sidewalks and pathways. Reclamation vacuum systems are used to pick up water and debris and then filter the water for re-use and or disposal. Several counties and municipalities in Northern California require reclamation and disposal of water.

Our presssure washing services include:

  • Landa Commercial Grade Pressure Washing Equipment & Accessories

  • Mobile Hot Water Pressure Washing Units

  • Water Reclamation & Disposal Service Available

  • Trash Enclosure, Walkway & Entry Cleaning

  • Building Cleaning

KLEEN Property Services is the exclusive maintenance company for our portfolio of California properties. They have earned our business through their quality work, customer service and partnership.

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